Imperia Online welcomes young minds

Our studio was visited by youths, who love games and dream of becoming part of the industry.

The gaming industry is always in demand for workers.

Our studio too. And we particularly want people who love games. Because we love games.

And when our government creates programs to incentivize people to study to become developers, we are more than happy to help.

One such event occurred last week, when students from the Bulgarian Technological School for Electronic systems (TUES) visited Imperia Online HQ, looking for future options for their careers.

It’s always nice to meet young people and see how big their eyes become, when they walk around the studio, asking all kinds of questions and getting amazed by everything.

After all – we were all in their shoes once. And we were all dreaming of creating games and having fun, while doing it.

That’s the most important thing we told the youngsters – never stop having fun and enjoy life.

And if you work, while having fun – all the better.

So, we hope that we helped these young boys and girls find their way to the world of gaming.

And we wish them all well!

One comment on “Imperia Online welcomes young minds
  1. good night
    My name is Ivo Luis, I have been an IO player since 2012, I have already purchased Diamonds a few times.
    But I have disillusionment and indignation with the game, with the support Gaya (PT), who even receiving the complaints did not take action, even though he had access to resolve the reported situation, proven with conversations with several players.
    But in addition the game shows to have security problems, unresolved, it allows scrits, to move resources, troops, 10-minute click, theft and inclusion of resources (I haven’t seen it, but it is available on the internet), colonizer locator. The IO does not serve the gameplay for honest players, who buy the product (diamonds) that pays everyone’s wages, only serves that each year they lose players, they lose trust … I myself would be spending money to play, but this way without honesty of other players it is impossible to be a member of the IO, invite family and friends to play, on the contrary, I stopped recommending it to others and I also comment that the game has many security flaws, scritps and disinterested support, who knows even you You are reading this communication and you will not take any action either, perhaps the easiest thing is to ban me, but wait for me to finish spending what I bought or give me my money back.
    the game is beautiful and good, but with dishonest players, gaya support with no desire to resolve and failures, it is a game that is on its way to losing members to other games that do not allow such falsehoods.
    Thank you
    Ivo Luis Jacobs

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