Imperia Online will be part of Sofia Game Night

Our studio cannot miss the first edition of this major gaming exhibition, especially when it’s hosted in our hometown – Sofia.

Finally, the time has come for our studio’s hometown – Sofia, Bulgaria – to host a major gaming event!

Sofia Game Night is a night which welcomes anyone and everyone who would like to hold a special event dedicated to games in all of their forms. Game dev companies, NGOs, clubs, sport teams, bars and independent game developers and artists can participate by organizing showcase of games, lectures, experimental formats, music events and exhibitions!

It is a joint initiative by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and Game Dev Summit which aims to put the diverse aspects of games and game development in the spotlight: from the game developing process and the economic role of the gaming industry and e-sports, to the user experience and the pure pleasure of gaming.

Sofia Game Night is open both for professionals (developers, designers, story-tellers, composers, coders, etc.) and the general public – regardless of whether you are a hardcore gamer or someone who encounters games for the first time.

And Imperia Online will be there the whole time with its own stand!

So, if you happen to be in Sofia, Bulgaria from November 3rd to November 4th and you like games during night – come and join us at Sofia Game Night!

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