Imperia Online Winter Games 2019 brings you more Fun and new Prizes

We are kicking off the tournament schedule with some fun and games in the snow.

When it’s freezing cold outside, when streets are covered with ice, when snow is as thick as it can get – what do you do?

You go home, you turn up the heat, you make yourself a cup of tea and you register for Imperia Online Winter Games 2019!

Is there any other option at all?

Today the registrations for one of our signature tournaments open and all those, who want some fun and games in the snow, can sign up until February 4th.

There’s plenty of time, even for those, who like to wait for the last moment and then make a dazzling appearance!

Duration of the competition will be 31 days and, as usual, the entry fee is exactly NONE.

13 disciplines will try to ruin everyone’s day and we have heard of at least 3 of them, which will be brand new!

There will be many gameplay changes this year and probably the biggest one will be the absence of Barbarian Camps. They also deserve a vacation, so we finally let them go to someplace warmer. Everything else is written in detail on the Winter Games Official Website, so be informed now!

There’s only one thing left for us to tell you:

Get your ski waxed, prepare the sleighs and put on the gloves, because the winter battle is starting!

The time has come for a total war in the snow!

Good luck!

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