Imperia Online: Winter Games II – The Most Contested Tournament So Far

9 teams managed to get medals in the craziest competition our game has hosted so far.


Who says that you cannot have fun in Imperia Online during winter season?

Who says players will be tired from the World Cup tournament and will not participate in Winter Games in such a short period of time between the two tournaments?

Well, whoever said these things, they are silent now.

Several factors contributed to this silence:

  • For the first time in the history of Imperia Online tournaments out of the World Cup format, we had 4 alliances with real chance for the title;
  • Alliances ranked from 2nd to 5th place, have roughly the same amount of net worth points at the end, which means they were pretty equal in power;
  • Despite its solid net worth points lead, the Winter Games II champion DeathSquad only managed to grab 1 gold medal more than the runner-up team _EliteWarriors_ and its ranking coefficient is actually WORSE than the next two rival teams;
  • Almost all the players, who won the gold, silver and bronze medals from World Cup 2017, played as members of the teams, which gained medals in Winter Games II;
  • The AVRORA alliance succeeded in winning their single silver medal with only 118 million net worth points, which are SEVEN times less than alliance GVARDIA, ranked after them;

We have tons of other facts for you, but these should suffice.

Congratulations to the winners and to all those, who made these Games the best ones so far!

Full tournament info at:

P.S. Oh, one more thing – 2034 players were active at the end of Winter Games II.

Just sayin’…

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