Imperia Online with a Priceless Award for its Contribution to Education

Our studio was rewarded for its contribution to one of the most prestigious IT Schools in Bulgaria.

There is nothing more amazing than receiving a recognition.

And when it comes directly by the young IT specialists, which are coming right after us – we feel both humbled and extremely satisfied.

Last week Imperia Online was bestowed with award for a contribution to the development of one of the most prestigious IT Schools in Bulgaria – Technological School “Electronic Systems” associated with the Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria.

The TUES is a specialized technological high school with a national significance, which prepares the future leaders of the IT branch in Bulgaria and beyond.

The TUES graduates go through deep and specialized 5-years program, which allows them to find their place in the technological sector as fast as possible.

Along with that all TUES graduates develop their curiosity and ability to solve problems, learn to work as a team and to communicate effectively, growing their personal qualities and entrepreneur spirit, which help them accelerate their professional and personal growth in the long run.

Thank you, TUES! It is a great honor for us to accept your award!

Because your students are the future of the IT sector in Bulgaria!

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