Imperia Online with busy schedule in the autumn

The summer is gone and the even busier autumn is upon our studio.

“No rest for the wicked.” – this famous phrase is more than true for Imperia Online in the upcoming autumn.

We have just sent-off the summer and we are having pretty exciting times ahead of us.

From September 5th to September 6th our COO Cvetan Rusimov was a speaker at the Mobile Growth Summit Europe with his lecture titled “Hack Their Brain: Cognitive Science Could Boost Your IAP & Subscriptions”. There he had the chance to meet good old friends and make some new ones.

Since our studio is in search of the most talented indie games, at the beginning of next month, from October 1st to October 3rd, Cvetan Rusimov will take part at ‘Publisher Meets Developers’ at Casual Connect Eastern Europe. The event in Belgrade is about matching the creativity of the games industry with new media innovation and investment to find the next big thing. But that is not all. Our COO will take the opportunity also to share more insights about the creative thinking as a speaker with a topic: “Irrational Thinking: How to Manipulate Players’ Choices?”.

Then Mr. Rusimov will immediately depart for Dev.Play (October 4th – October 5th), where he will also be both a speaker and a juror. Right after talking about the irrational thinking, our COO will proceed with a speech of ‘How to hack the human brain and to triple the revenue’.

A week later we head for Moscow and its beautiful White Nights (October 16th – October 17th), where Our COO again will represent the studio as a speaker and dig more in the ways of thinking.

We will wrap up October with none other than Game Connection Europe 2018 (October 24th – October 26th). This time our Marketing and Business Development Team will have a stand and also our COO will speak and will participate in a discussion panel along with our friends from Telus International. Then back in the office for the Halloween partyyy 🙂

Definitely no rest for the wicked.

Which makes us even happier!

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