Imperia Online World Cup 2015 Registrations to be Opened End of September

Imperia Online’s Big Show Qualifiers to Start in Early October

Imperia Online World Cup 2015The biggest and most anticipated international event in Imperia Online – The World Cup 2015 – will commence in the first days of October! Players will be able to sign up for the championship’s Qualifiers at the end of September!

National team wannabees from more than 150 countries across the globe are expected to sign up and team up for the elite tournament and defend their nations’ honor, so, in the end, to earn the right to call themselves World Champion.

The players will have to overcome the rigorous World Cup Qualifiers first, in which the first 30 players from each nation will be automatically set up as National Teams. These National Teams will then be seeded in Tournament Groups, which will fight for castles, domination and, of course – for a place in the finale phase.

The Grand Finale of the World Cup shall then commence, pitting the most worthy nations against each other in a total free for all war, which will determine the team, who shall inscribe its name on the Cup of the One and shall be declared this year’s Imperia Online World Champion!

IO Developer Team promises massive gameplay changes to further balance the elite competition and make it truly the best so far!

Expect more info soon!

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