Imperia Online World Cup 2016 – The War Starts in October

IO’s finest are lining up for the most elite event

World Cup 2016

The hot summer months, which gave us the even hotter Imperial Olympics, are slowly going away, only to be replaced by the autumn. It’s the natural cycle of life, you will say. But we will say – well, no!

Because autumn is THAT time of the year, when the World Cup starts. Once again the best of the best in Imperia Online will be called to arms to defend their nation’s honor in the most elite tournament, where the national teams will clash for the title of Imperia Online World Champion!

As usual the expectations and the interest will be huge. Why? There are several reasons.
First of all Croatia will definitely want to solidify its position as the single dominant force in this tournament. The defending world champion has all the important eggs in his basket, at least on paper – strong experienced players, who work very well as a team, confidence, which comes not only from their last year title, but also from their excellent performance in the previous tournaments. For us, though, the main driving factor for the Croatians will be to achieve Bulgarians’ two consecutive titles and win the tournament for the 3rd time. This way they will surpass Bulgaria and will make history. The only question is – can the Croatians withstand the huge pressure?

Of course, we should not dismiss the other teams’ chances, especially Romania and Poland, who grabbed the silver and bronze medals in the previous competition. Many top romanian figures played actively in the Imperial Olympics and they played very well. So, we can safely assume that they had an excellent warm-up for the incoming challenge. On the other hand Poland is a team, which shows constant progress – 7th place in World Cup 2014 and bronze in last year’s edition. A team, which cannot be underestimated.

Turkey, Russia and Brazil are also ready to be factors in the tournament. Especially the Brazilians, who have old scores to settle with their major rivals. The 2014 World Champions could be a force to be reckoned with, as long as they bring strong and disciplined players into the fray. Bulgaria is also worth mentioning, because the two times world champions were very close to medals in the last tournament and they can always give the leaders a run for their money.

A little more than 1 month remains until the World Cup 2016 begins. We are sure that calculations, plans and preparations are already well under way. Is 1 month enough for all the pieces of the puzzle to be put into the right place? We’ll see.

The World Cup 2016 is on its way. May the best team win!

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