Imperia Online World Cup 2016 Will Have a Live Draw

The 36 leading teams from the last two World Cups will be drawn live for the Group Stage!

The 36 leading teams from the last two World Cups

Yes, indeed.

For the first time in its history, Imperia Online’s most elite tournament will have a live draw. Immediately after the Qualifiers end and the national teams are formed, we will take the leading 36 ones in the last 2 World Cups and we will draw them live, in order to see how will they be positioned in the Group Stage. As you know from the tournament rules, there are 9 groups in this stage, in which the teams will have to fight each other for territorial dominance, in order to progress to the World Cup Finals. The 36 leading teams to be drawn for the Group Stage are selected according to their performance in the last two championships – 2014 and 2015. This performance is measured by different criteria – medals, military and net worth points, castles owned, influence points gained and many more. So far, after we calculated the teams’ performance rankings, we automatically put them in the respective groups and just informed the contestants whom will they fight with in the Group Stage.

No more.

Now the leading teams will be placed in the nine Groups by a genuine, chance-based draw. And we will broadcast this draw live, just like it’s supposed to be in a real tournament.

The date is October 31st.

Don’t miss it!

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