Imperia Online World Cup 2018 registrations open at September 27th

Big scores for settle, lots of unanswered questions and extreme pro play – stuff we expect in the upcoming elite tournament.

You have been waiting for it the entire year. Patiently.

And now it’s here.

The registrations for the Imperia Online’s most elite tournament in the calendar – the World Cup 2018 – will be opened September 27th.

All those, who seek eternal glory, will have 11 days to sign up for the most anticipated event in our game and on October 8th, the World Cup Qualifiers will commence.

The Qualifiers will sift out the best of the best players in each national team and then… the fun begins.

As usual, the national teams will not only fight each other in the brutal and totally unpredictable Group Stage, but they will also fight… with themselves.

Because it is never easy to be able to play with 30 elite players as a team for 2 months. And that, believe us, when we say, is probably the harder part of the tournament.

Will Bulgaria be able to assemble a team without weak links, like the last year, in order to defend its title?

Will Poland seek revenge for the loss of its armies 24 hours before the Final’s end?

Will Romania be able to take advantage of the situation and improve its ranking or even go all in and try to grab the Cup?

Will Croatia come back and launch a new campaign, in order to secure its 3rd title and even the odds with Bulgaria?

These are just few of the millions questions that need to be answered during World Cup 2018.

And answers we shall definitely find.

Next week the Imperia Online’s universe will be shattered.

The World Cup is coming!

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