Imperia Online World Cup Exclusive

In a world under siege the time has come for an exclusive edition of your favorite tournament.

You certainly didn’t expect it.

Neither did we.

The world is strange at the moment, we all feel like we are under siege.

And what better time for an exclusive edition of your all-time favorite tournament – The World Cup!

This year the motto is “World Under Siege”.

Yes, when we all have to stay home and think about creating our own entertainment, leave it to Imperia Online to provide!

Registrations for the exclusive edition of the World Cup will start on April 27th.

The Official Qualifiers will commence on May 7th.

The Group Stage will launch on May 29th.

And the Grand Finale, when the World Champion will be decided, shall start ot June 15th.

The World Champion will be announced on July 6th.

Are you ready for a battle in a world under siege?

Confront hardship with all your strength!

Good luck … you will need it!

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