Imperia Online World Cup Group Stage Draw – Second Edition

The leading 36 teams in the World Cup’s history will once again be drawn live.


You didn’t think you would get away with it, did you?
Yes, we are going to do it again and we are going to do it live.

The leading 36 teams in the history of Imperia Online’s greatest tournament – the World Cup – will be drawn live here, in our Headquarters, so we can see who will lead the 9 groups in the competition’s Group Stage – probably the most interesting phase in the entire tournament.
Last year we had some absolutely brutal, I mean, absolutely interesting groups, with Croatia having to face Russia, Germany and Iran and Bosnia. In other group Bosnia and Herzegovina had to cope with a South American trio, consisting of Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador…

This year it will be even more interesting, because there are teams, which are out of Top 36 and they are replaced by new motivated ones, yearning to prove themselves.
The live draw will be broadcasted on the day after the Qualifiers’ official end.

Who will cheer?
Who will cry?
Who will do both?
We will find out approximately 1 month from now.

Stay tuned for the Top 36 teams to be drawn soon, guys!

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