Imperia Online World Cup Group Stage – Who “Won” and Who “Lost”

How will the leading teams in the biggest tournament of the year deal with the draw?


As we are waiting for the 24 hours “No Fight” period to end in the World Cup ’17 Group Stage, we cannot just let the Live Draw go unnoticed, right?

We have to try to see beyond the facts and predict what will come out of this Draw. Which are the teams, who were the luckiest one? And which are the teams who would wish the draw never happened?

Group 1, at first glance, is an easy one for the defending World Champion Poland, who will have to deal with BiH, Uruguay and to some extend – Moldova or Belarus. The question is – will the Polish be able to extract the maximum and secure some allies for the Finals, assuming that they will have no problems in the Group?

A lot of people consider Group 2 (Croatia, Algeria, France and Ukraine) to be one of the toughest. Indeed, the Group Leader and two-times World Champion Croatia will have to deal with both the rising star Ukraine and the always unpredictable Algeria and France.

And speaking of unpredictable, Argentina is probably one of the Group Leaders who think that they definitely drew the short stick this year. Having the always dangerous Spain and the hidden “tiger” USA in your Group 3 is not the most pleasant news for the South Americans.

Once again Italy will have to break a lot of sweat to come out clean from Group 4, because once again they will have to deal with not one, not two, but three “yellow submarines” – Peru, Iran and the newcomer Mexico.

Everyone wanted to avoid being in a group with the new Top Dog in the neighborhood – Russia, but somebody had to be the one, who will actually play with them and that somebody is Turkey in Group 5. And when you put the extremely determined Georgia and the solid Saudi Arabia into the mix… you know what happens, right?

What about Group 6, where Serbia is probably pulling out her hairs, trying to plan what to do with Germany, Greece and Portugal – teams, who have the bad habit to make your life miserable in the last possible moment?

And we are now in Group 7, where the chances for World War III to erupt are sky-high. You have the Group leader Romania, who publicly stated their intentions to go for the gold this year… And you have Egypt, Albania and Hungary – three teams, who are poised to ruin the 2016 World Cup silver medalist’s ambitions, whatever the cost. Did someone say fun?

Compared to Group 7 incoming brawl, Bulgaria and Brazil in Groups 8 and 9 respectively, will have a pretty easy time, with Bulgaria having…. the easier one and Brazil’s only problem will be who do they like more as an ally in the Finals. It will probably be Colombia.

So, that’s it, folks – some teams cheered, other teams cried.

That’s why the Group Stage is so interesting.

The clock is ticking and soon the fight starts.

Let’s sit and watch Imperia Online’s finest teams clashing with each other in the Group Stage!

It will be a lot of fun!

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