Imperia Online’s Anniversary World Cup is here to crush you!

The only question you should ask yourself is – do you dare to do something else this fall?

“You only become 10-years old once.” – a wise man once said.

And what do you do, when your best and most iconic tournament is 10 years old?

You make sure you let everybody in the world know!

That’s right, folks!

The World Cup – Imperia Online’s signature tournament has a very special birthday this year!

And we will make sure to celebrate it in kind, by hosting its Anniversary Edition!

Everything will be Anniversary about it – the rewards, the players, the battles, the emotions!

Judging from how the Exclusive World Cup has ended, we can assume that once again “the usual suspects” will be lined up to grab the Anniversary title.

The defending World Champion Romania will try to hit two rabbits with one stone – third World Title, which will make them the second triple Champion along with Bulgaria, and, of course – getting the Anniversary gold medal will be something very special.

The upcoming tournament will be interesting for the silver medalist – Egypt. It will show whether the Pharaons will establish themselves as a new Powerhouse in Imperia Online or the second place in World Under Siege was a momentary outburst.

Everybody is asking one very important question though – is the Anniversary World Cup going to be Russia’s moment of glory? Has the time become for them to outdo themselves and go for the gold?

All other countries will have to deal with these questions, puzzles and pressure.

Because there will be a pressure – we guarantee it.

Everyone will want a piece of it. And if that piece is a medal – even better.

All of you, Future World Champions, have 9 days to register for this year’s main event.

The Qualifiers start on October 8th, 3 PM Server Time.

The best 30 players from each nation, who manage to overcome the Qualifiers, will clash in the Group Phase, in order to determine the 30 teams, who go to the Finals and decide who the Anniversary World Champion will be.

What else would you possibly do this fall?

That’s right – the world is now an Anniversary… World Cup!

Good luck, everyone! We are awaiting for you to prove your worth and forge your legacy!

Full tournament info at:

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