Imperia Online’s First Spring Games Are Coming

The new season is upon us, so we will have new Games!


After winter, no matter how long it is, must come spring.
It is the natural order of things.

And only 2 weeks after the grand Nomads Invasions XII finished, we have decided to go along with this natural order and celebrate the coming of this beautiful season, by hosting brand new Imperia Online Spring Games!
15 extremely fun and sometimes extremely trolling disciplines will stand in the way between player alliances and glory. As before, we are expecting the “usual suspects” to show up and form powerful alliances, which will compete for the new set of Games Medals, with which to decorate their already award-rich profiles.

Some of these “usual suspects” will even seek retribution for being defeated in the Nomads and will probably aim to restore their reputation of Imperia Online’s finest.

Two important questions will find their answers in the upcoming competition:
1. Can Sir_Xari make a double, by winning Nomads XII and now – the Spring Games?
2. Will everyone else allow him?
Spring Games ruleset is different, you will have to work with other people in it. Which is always interesting, especially when these other people are winners and leaders.

It will be more than fun to see if the Nomads XII champion will lead a team to a new title… or will he be allowed to be led.
“May you live in interesting times.” a wise man once said.
“May you live through Spring Games!” we say.

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