Imperia Online’s new Publishing Program

Our studio adds a big instrument to its production arsenal, in order to attract even bigger partners.

In its constant strive for growth and perfection Imperia Online has announced the creation of a major addition to its portfolio – Publishing Program.

The Publishing Program aims to promote indie titles and make them ready for the market. Let’s say you are an indie company and you have developed a game for a mobile platform or web browsers. But you don’t know how to publish and monetize it. This is where we come, with our 13+ years of experience in creating profitable titles.

We have the infrastructure, the contacts, the know-how and all the necessary instruments to make your game visible, accessible and saleable. We will teach you how to organize marketing campaigns, select the proper audience for your product and convince the users through social networks and influencers that you have created something, which worth their money. Our gurus will take care of distribution and action plans for your games.

We know where and when to soft and global launch your titles. Thanks to our great relationship to app stores and huge partner network, we can boost your brand. All you need to do is let us be your Imperial Knights. The rest is our job.

Send us your game at and we will give back our honest feedback for your project.

Full information about our program can be found here.

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