Imperia Online’s next Nomads Invasion will Sweep you Away

A real Civil War will devastate the Free Kingdoms, as if the Nomad threat is not enough.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear “Civil War”?

Yes, dark times are coming for all the Noble Emperors and Empresses, who have been defending the Realm against the Barbarian Horde for all these years.

The long and endless war against the foreign menace has taken its toll and made many of the rulers question the true motives of the Horde.

How are the Barbarians so effective in their warfare against the Defenders?

Why are their armies, supplies and economic capacity so vast?

Why do they continue their campaigns against the Free Kingdoms for so long?

Such questions can drive even the most resilient Rulers mad.

And when you don’t have the answer to all these questions, you start doubting your friends and allies. You start suspecting your kind.

You start remembering old betrayals, centuries-long feuds, who have been forgotten because of the necessity to stand against the impending Barbarian onslaught.

And you turn against your own.

Welcome to Nomads Invasion Era 15 – The Civil War!

For the first time in its history the Imperia Online’s cult classic defense tournament will pit the players not only against the Nomad Horde, but against each other!

The Times of Madness have come!

Are you ready for them?

Can you survive not only against the Barbarians, but against other Emperors as well?


Register before April 4th!

Full tournament info can be found here.

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