Imperial Eagles Won the Football IT League

Phenomenal game and even more phenomenal turn and our boys are now legends!

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The Imperia Online football team has won the first place in this year’s IT League – the championship between the teams of the various IT companies in Bulgaria.

The Imperial Eagles celebrated their amazing performance throughout the entire season with a 6:4 victory over Software AG in the last decisive game, thus becoming unreachable on the first place, despite some of the other opponents having less games played.

The victory by all means did not come easy, as the Imperial team received a goal at the very start of the match and several minutes later they were down by 0:4. Despite the hopeless situation our boys did not give into despair and, after they asked for a timeout, which upset the opponent team’s rhythm, they managed to score 3 goals until the first half’s end.

The Eagles came out totally different in the second half and smashed their rivals, making a total turn – 6:4 and after that it was all over and the legend was born. Team’s consistency, good communications and total motivation throughout the entire season gave result and the title is well deserved and beyond any doubt. Let along the unbelievable support by the team’s loyal fans, who never missed a single game of their favorites and who were always the noisiest and most colorful of them all!

What’s next? Well, now comes the celebration, the parties and the fiestas in honor of the team’s historic achievement. The best team among all the IT companies in Bulgaria.

Glory to Imperial Eagles!

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