Imperial Olympics on the Horizon

The first of its kind IO Olympic tournament starts in 3 days!


150,000 – this is the amount of Diamonds the Top 10 alliances will share for overcoming the Imperial Olympics – the grand summer tournament IO will host, in order to celebrate the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

So far more than 7000 players have signed up for the event, which is more than a promising number, considering the fact that there is an account level restriction of 20. That means determination. And it makes us extremely happy.

As we look deeper into the tournament’s rules, several important facts come up.

One of them is the 15 disciplines, which will really surprise the contestants, as they will not know what each challenge will be, until it actually starts. so, every two days the players will have to adjust to completely new gameplay conditions. Which is always fun. Always.

The other very important rule is the alliance mechanics. This time we will not impose any kind of restrictions to the way players form and organize their alliances. The only existing incentive for the leaders is the fact that it is an alliance competition and, well, you will need allies in order to win. How will our contestants cope with that – it remains to be seen.

One thing is clear, thugh – we have one very exciting team-oriented tournament ahead of us. Just the thing we need during the summer!

So, if any of you, great warriors, haven’t signed up for this massive event yet – you still have 3 days to do it. We promise you won’t regret.

Good luck, noble ones!

Full tournament rules, as well as important news coverage, can be found in the official website:


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