Internship or Summer break?

We like to keep ourselves busy and surprise, surprise so do our inspiring interns.

Last Friday we sent off our “first batch” of interns for this summer (pictured above), but don’t feel blue, as this week we welcomed our second “batch” (pictured below).

Since we were founded, we have always striven to share our knowledge and experience of running and working in a multifaceted company, like ours, with bright young minds interested in the IT and Gaming sectors. We endeavor, through these internships, to show what it is truly like to work in an agile environment, introducing them to the intricacies of building a meaningful product, while sharing with them our inclusive and fun work culture.

The programs

In the past few years, in the summer months, we welcome several “batches” of trainees mainly from two prominent programs. Both programs are targeted towards penultimate year high school students and aim to introduce them to real-world programming challenges. These interns come either from the prestigious Technological School Electronic Systems (TUES) or from a very interesting program developed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education in partnership with businesses in the IT sector. The internships last two weeks, in which the trainees are given a project to work on. The projects are tailored to their level of knowledge and interests.

The first batch of young Imperians, as their internship project, had to develop a script for a game they came up with, and present it in front of their project lead, our proud Imperian Gergana Gergyovska, and their fellow interns. In developing their scripts, they showed impressive resilience and perseverance. They faced challenges head on and most importantly were not shy to ask questions or seek guidance from our full-time Imperians; leaving our offices on Friday with a newfound confidence in their abilities. This, to us, is the definition of a successful program.

The fun

For the short time the trainees were with us, they surely did manage to stir up the harmony in our office. We have a pretty nice chill area, where our hard-working teams get to blow off some steam, play foosball, arcades or even FIFA, well, especially FIFA. So, no wonder, some of our Imperians have a sensible feeling of field superiority when it comes to the chill area. Well, not anymore, the trainees came, saw and conquered, and shamefully crashed our FIFA veterans.

For one, I am rooting for the second “batch” of trainees to continue the legacy.
– Sincerely,
An intern


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