Iron and Generals in the Imperial Olympics!

More than 10,000 players have joined the epic battle for medals!

Блог“Gather that iron!” – I’m sure thousands of alliance members have heard that order during the first 2 days, since the Imperial Olympics tournament officially launched the competition.

Countless levels of Iron mines were upgraded, countless workers were ordered to march into these mines and… countless pillages were performed, in order to put a stop to your enemy’s production machine. Or, at least – to slow it down for just enough time, so you can get the upper hand in the rankings. Because, when you draw the line, at the end, only the Top 3 teams will get points for the discipline.

Oh, the drama we witnessed in the last hours of the 1st challenge, as the difference between the top 2 alliances was so small that they constantly changed there ranking position!

In the end of the day, though, there can only be one on the top, so (illuminatus) prevailed, followed by (Super_Ferme) и (KABUMMMM). Congratulations to all of them!

So, now we have to ask the contestants: Are you ready for Round 2? Because the 2nd Imperial Olympics discipline will have them compete for the most generals’ experience gathered. It is by no means an easy task, as most of the players have probably already maxed out all of their generals’ experience and they will have to be really crafty, in order to fight for the first 3 places, which guarantee points.

Another very interesting fact is that more than 3000 players, who actively participate in the competition, have not yet join any alliance. Only time will tell what are their motives, plans and interests.

So far the Imperial Olympics exceeds all expectations and is probably the most interesting event IO Team has ever created.


Because you don’t know what happens in two days!


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