IT Talents – The training camp started at Imperia Online

The IT training camp is the place where you can get all the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to become part of the IT Industry.

Training Camp New Season

IT Talents Training camp is an idea of our co-founders Dobroslav Dimitrov and Moni Dochev. The purpose of the courses is to fulfil the needs of the IT sector and to create a place, where young and motivated people could get a chance to start their career in one of the biggest industries in the country. Imperia Online’s project has started in the spring of 2013 and for those three years more than 300 students of the program managed to find a job as junior developers in over a 60 IT companies in Bulgaria.

Imperia Online has broad experience with training programs. Employee learning and development is a really important part of the company policy and that’s why all of the employees are offered the chance to take part in weekly training programs, basic programming courses led by the experts of IT Talents, seminars and conferences and are given access to online platforms like Lynda and Coursera.

The new season of IT Talents begins this fall! If you like to be part of this project and develop your skills and knowledge now is the time!

More information about the application process can be found here:

Training Camp New Season Training Camp New Season

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