Iulian: World Cup 2018 will be won by Diplomacy

One of Bulgaria’s new faces in the Qualifiers’ Top 30 with an exclusive commentary for IO’s most elite tournament this year.

His name is Iulian, his account is julianbatka2003 – one of the new faces, which we can see in the Bulgarian World Cup 2018 Qualifiers’ Top 30. He is a winner of Spring games 2018, he has won multiple individual awards from other tournaments, he even was a Lord of a Realm in Blitz Masters several times. He is young, but extremely determined to prove he can be a worthy Bulgarian National. Probably because of the many awards under his belt, he has finally decided the time has come for him to be part of the Defending World Champion’s team.

IO: We see many new faces in Bulgarian Top 30 at the Qualifiers, Iulian, including yours. Is Bulgaria being “rejuvenating” on this World Cup?

Iulian: There are many new faces in the Bulgarian team indeed, some of them nobody has ever seen or heard of. I seriously hope the team is getting rejuvenated and charged with new and creative ideas. Out team has always been one of the best prepared, when we are talking about tactics. New strategies from new players will only further empower us. The old players (from last year) will also be very useful, when we prepare our strategy.

IO: Bulgaria starts its 2017 title defense. Many people state that a new Cup will be a nearly impossible endeavour, if the team is not the one from last year. How will you comment?

Iulian: There is no way the team could be the same each year, but I agree that the last year nationals, who compete for the Top 30 are quite few. I think Bulgaria will give its best to win the Cup again and this is quite achievable, considering the skills the players show in Qualifiers.

IO: Will julianbatka2003 be Bulgaria’s Captain in the Group Phase? Are plans for leadership already in effect in Top 30 or it’s still early to say?

Iulian: I would very much like to participate in the team’s leadership, but truth is I’ve been very busy lately and I will not be very active in the Group Phase. Of course I will play an important part and will try to help my teammates as much as I can. I think it’s too early to talk about leadership roles in Bulgaria, all will be clear at the Group Phase start. That’s where all roles will be finally assigned.

IO: When we are talking about new things, it’s hard not to notice the strong start of nations like Egypt and USA, at the expense of the “big missing” Argentina and Croatia, whose start is more than modest…?

Iulian: Indeed, USA, Turkey and Egypt are the Qualifiers’ big surprises, as well as Turkey’s good performance so far. I think, though, that the “missing” teams will show up in the tournament’s second part. I surely hope we don’t face some of the big teams early in the beginning, because we have to save our morale and strength for the Finals. Of course, I haven’t spoken with the players yet and they might think otherwise, but if bump into some of the strong nations, the Groups will be very interesting.

IO: Very powerful start for Poland and probably a statement they will look for revenge? Is Bulgaria afraid of Poland?

Iulian: I think without Darius Poland cannot become a World Champion. He has accumulated many networth points already, but when we talk about tactics – for example the lives he keeps losing – he can be outsmarted. If we deal with his fast development and we gather a group of people to swarm him, which includes players from other teams, Poland may fall. Bulgaria is not afraid of Poland!

IO: Besides the new faces in Bulgaria’s Top 30, we can see some of the 2017 World Champions as well. This mix of “old” and “new” people – how much of a challenge can it be for the eventual future team Captain?

Iulian: I think this mix of “old” and “new” players will not be big of an issue. If there are problems, they must be dealt with during the Group Phase. I think the team has learned much from its previous mistakes and now it’s more organized, more composed and more united. Many of the veterans play the role of mentors to the new stars and i think we are taught very well by the Champions.

IO: Rumor has it that a lot of the veterans and the superstars are sitting behind the new players in Top 30, pulling the strings from the shadows. Can you confirm these rumors?

Iulian: I can neither confirm, nor deny these rumors. If the veterans wanted to pull the strings, they would do it with their own accounts. If they really hide behind some the accounts, we will probably find out at the end of the World Cup. The team has never refused help from the Big Guys.  

IO: Bulgaria is a team, which has always been a team-oriented one and even the strongest members are always are subjugated to team tactics. But that could its greatest weakness also. because of the internal turmoils, which we witnessed in the last years and which can destroy the team spirit. How are things at the moment?

Iulian: Last year Bulgaria proved that the teamplay is the best possible option for the alliance. I don’t see a possibility for internal conflict. “All for one, one for all!”

IO: Which teams will be the greatest threat for Bulgaria on this World Cup?

Iulian: I think this World Cup will be even more contested than the last one. I can’t determine our main competitors yet, but I think we will face challenges against Poland, Brazil and Egypt. The rest of the teams will use diplomacy in most of the situations.

IO: Tell us something we didn’t ask you about?

Iulian: For me this World Cup will be decided through Diplomacy. We might even see Mitko’s favorite strategy – “All hunters unite against the Big Bear.” Or – in this case – the bears could be more. I hope we see surprises and I hope for an interesting tournament until the end!

Also, I want to say that Nomads Invasions and Dominion Rush are the game’s best tournament. If a combination between the two can be deployed in the World Cup, it can become quite interesting. Players will come up with new strategies and tactics and thus, there will be surprises. The most interesting game of Imperia Online is when Imperia surprises us with stuff we are not prepared for.

Full tournament info at: https://worldcup.imperiaonline.org

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