Junior Chamber International Bulgaria visits Imperia Online

We are always delighted to meet young, ambitious and active people.

Young people are the future of the world.

We know that, because we are young too!

That’s why we are always happy to have guests, who are the future.

That’s the case with the Junior Chamber International members, who will be our guests on Friday, February 8th!

JCI Bulgaria is the national section of the international non-profit organization Junior Chamber International, which unites young, ambitious and active people from all over the world. The organization develops projects for business, social, cultural activities and education programs.

JCI Bulgaria was founded in 2007 and has local offices in major Bulgarian towns. Currently the organization has close relationship with Bulgarian Presidency, UNICEF, AIESEC, major Bulgarian Universities, business companies and numerous non-profit organizations.

Our COO Cvetan Rusimov will make a presentation for the JCI Bulgaria members about our studio’s work, goals and dreams.

We only hope that these young and bright people will not only take the road we headed to, but will someday do way better than us!

Welcome to Imperia Online, JCI Bulgaria!

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