Keep Track of Your Empire through the Today View on iOS

You can now keep track of the essential information from your holding through the Imperia Online widget for iOS 8’s ‘Today’ view.

Time left on buildings, researches and attacks, as well as current info on the market – this and much more can be tracked through the view that every iOS 8 user can see by dragging down the top of their screen. The ‘Today’ view is the tab next to ‘Notifications’ and it gives quick access to information that’s important right now. It also displays useful data outside of Imperia Online like stock prices, weather conditions, your daily schedule and much more.

Now it can serve as a screen where users can easily see what’s going on in their Empire without logging into the game itself.

In order to get the useful widget, you have to simply click the button near the bottom which lets you choose the apps you’d like to keep track of. There you’ll find Imperia Online and by activating it, you’ll always be in touch with your holding.

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