Lecturing and Meeting People is Always Fun

Imperia Online continues with its important appearances both in Bulgaria and around the world.


Sometimes we, in Imperia Online, ask ourselves two questions:

1. Can our schedule be busier?
2. How fun is your schedule being so busy?

Both questions are rhetorical, of course, because it is always fun to have a busy schedule, especially when we talk about meeting people and presenting lectures.
The first important event our studio will attend to, will be here, in Bulgaria, at the On! Fest, which will host Games Dev Summit and Games Made in Bulgaria.

Our Head of Business and Marketing Development Mariela Tzvetanova will present here lecture “Beauty and the Beast of Brand Diversification” at the GDS – the same lecture, which stole the people’s hearts in Israeli Mobile Summit a month ago.
Games Made in BG is an event, which offers a free space for a stand to each Bulgarian game developing studio and, we, of course, will definitely accept the invitation and take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people during the happening.

The next edition of Pocket Gamer Connects will be held in San Francisco, USA on June 27-28 and, guess what – we will be there as well! Our COO Cvetan Rusimov will share some of his insigths with the crowd and the topic of his lecture is most interesting: “Why US Games Can’t Copy Their Own Success in China – And How To Fix This”. Considering PGC is the leading mobile games conference in the Western World – and the biggest in Europe – catering to over 9,000 of the Global Mobile Games industry’s Top professionals since 2014 across Londond, Helsinki, Bangalore and Vancouver – you can imagine how excited Mr. Rusimov will be.

So, wish us luck, guys.
And if you happen to be anywhere near On! Fest in Bulgaria or PGC on San Francisco, USA – drop by and meet us!
We will be there!

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