Let’s send the Spring off with… Spring Games!

What better idea to see the spring off with Spring Games, Your Majesties?

It is time for yet another edition of the long-waited Imperia Online Tournament, with which we shall celebrate the new beginning together!

As the spring is about to leave our lives, we have cooked up an epic competition and we used some pretty neat new features to spice things up:

  1. The Top 10 Alliances in the tournament’s final ranking shall receive points for our upcoming Hall of Fame! Oh, did we say this out loud? Expect detailed information about our newest module pretty soon!
  2. There will be new disciplines and they will be extremely interesting! Did anyone say “mysterious disciplines”?
  3. Bunch of new tweaks and revamps, for which you can read in the official rules here:

Registrations for Spring Games 2018 start today.

The Real Games begin on May 22nd, at 3 PM Server Time!

We promise you 13 disciplines, enormous difficulties and immortal glory!

What will you promise us – we shall see at the competition’s end!

Good luck, sportsmen!

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