Love Rules in Imperia Online and Here Is Why

Several reasons for you to play our game during St. Valentine’s holiday.


1. Love is a powerful motivator. Both for peace and for war. So, take your pick, log into the game and start looking for the love of your life. Or start looking for trouble.
2. You are single on the Day of Love? No problem. Chances are you are in alliance and alliances are full with people, who you can hang out with, drink lots of wine then sing Lady Gaga songs under your Damsel’s window. After midnight.
3. You can use the people’s feelings to your advantage. Find out who are the players, who have plans for the night with their loved ones and loot their resources continuously, while they are away, celebrating. Many of them won’t even be mad, because they had fun, right? So, it’s a win/win situation for both parties.

4. Forget about all of these suggestions and participate in the game’s St Valentine’s Day Event, because:
• The Event’s duration is one whole week, starting from February 14th;
• You get points for every subject, born in your Empire during the Event;
• Your population growth is 5% higher;
• Your royal family has 40% greater chance to produce offspring;
• Each royal marriage you arrange, will grant you a mystic box. And if that royal marriage is with other player, you both get boxes;

So, it’s true then – All you need is love!

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