More than 10,000 players join the fray in Imperia Online’s World Cup 2018

The Qualifiers, which will determine the national teams in IO’s biggest tournament have launched.


More than 10,000 of Imperia Online’s finest have registered for the game’s most anticipated event in the schedule – World Cup 2018.

Expectations are, to put it mildly – sky high, mainly because of how World Cup 2017 ended. Everyone expects the defending World Champion Bulgaria to clash with Poland, as the latter have a huge score to settle and will probably try to deny Bulgaria its 4th title.

Registrations statistics, however, show a completely different picture, which is already being debated by observers and experts.

Looking at the registered account names in World Cup 2018, who were also members of World Cup 2017 Top 10 Final Teams, we can see that Russia, Brazil, Romania and Croatia have almost full teams playing in the Qualifiers, with the Russians taking the 1st place with 26 World Cup 2017 registered Finalists, Brazil – 21, Romania – 21 and Croatia – 21. Then comes Poland with 18 2017 Finalists.

Bulgaria takes the 7th place with 16 registered Finalists and Colombia and Peru are before her.

What does that tell us?

Of course, these numbers could mean anything. They could mean Bulgarians and Polish will have new face in their ranks, who would be equally motivated to grab the title.

They could also mean that the two powerhouses could still keep certain amount of core experienced players, who can mix with the “fresh faces”, which is always good.

But lots of people share the opinion that the defending World Champion Bulgaria is highly team dependent and would need a lot more strong players than its competitors, in order to get its 4th title, especially considering the fact that before World Cup 2017 Bulgaria had a streak of “modest” rankings caused by internal problems during the tournaments’ final phases.

One last, but not least fact is that this year Bulgaria will probably not be led by its captain and Imperia Online’s superstar Sir_Xari. At least – not in person. Checking at the current ranking in Hall of Fame reveals that Sir_Xari currently has more than comfortable lead and he will probably not lose his 1st place by the end of the year, no matter who wins the World Cup.

That’s why it is the general opinion that World Cup 2018 will be a lot harder for Bulgaria than for her competitors – the traditionally solid and well-composed teams of Poland, Romania, Croatia and the new superpower – Russia.. And let’s not forget that Brazil can always drop a massive surprise and beat everyone, if they put their emotions aside and focus on the tournament.

So, the main question is – will we have 6 teams fighting for the World Cup this year?

We surely hope so, because then we will have the best World Cup in the history of Imperia Online!

Good luck to all the participants in the Qualifiers and may the best players from each nation become Nationals!

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