New Wonders – New Gameplay in Imperia Online

It is time for the Wonders to become gamechangers.

New Wonders - New Gameplay

We all love wonders.
They are the pinnacle of our work, efforts and countless sleepless hours we’ve put into our Empire’s growth. Not to mention the Wonder always looks cool in the Global Map and automatically makes your Empire epic and legendary. Long time have the Wonders waited for their chance. Chance for what, you will ask?

Well, their chance to become a real gameplay module, which will be true gamechanger in Imperia Online.
And the time has finally come.
In several weeks from now all the players will see some significant changes, regarding the Wonders:

• Many new Wonders will be deployed;
• Graphics and design of some of the existing Wonders will be remastered;
• Some of the Wonders’ bonuses will be overhauled;
• Unlocking Wonders will unlock new Empire and Province skins;

And if that is not enough for you, let’s just mention we have other surprises up in our sleeves as well, which we will keep in secret.
That’s all for now.
Stay tuned for more information about the New and Improved Wonders!


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