New Year in Imperia Online means New Stuff in Imperia Online!

Are you playing in the tournaments already?

New Year in Imperia Online means New Stuff in Imperia Online!

The Imperial Ministry of Competition and Greatness issues an official decree introducing the Imperial Tournaments! – that we already know.
These will be new types of competition which cover different aspects of the game:

• Economic development;
• Military development, attacks and enemy subjugation;
• All other important aspects of the game;

The main categories of these tournaments will be two:

• Solo tournaments which require the sovereigns to reach breathtaking personal achievements and results worthy of bard songs;
• Alliance tournaments in which there is only one important thing – teamplay is the best play;

The tournaments will have levels of rarity – some tournaments will occur rarely but will be longer, more epic and with greater rewards! The rewards will be divided into milestones according to the achieved result and will be given away at the end of every tournament.
The types of rewards can be:

• Diamonds;
• Resources;
• Different items;

Additional rewards will be given for achieving top ranking in a given tournament. The higher the position, the greater they will be!
We are already enjoying all of these goodies in the game, because the tournaments are the new Big Thing.
What we don’t know is that we love the tournaments so much, we decided to redesign them, in order to give them an additional level of awesomeness!
Welcome to the new and way cooler Age of Tournaments, valiant warriors!
It’s time to find out if you are good at it!

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