Nomads Invasion ERA XII Registrations are Opened

Imperia Online’s classic defense tournament offers a lot more now


Yesterday the registrations for the oldest and the most respected tournament in our history were opened once again for its Era XII.
All the players, who have achieved level 20 in their accounts are now eligible to sign up and engage into the individual defense competition, which became a cult classic among the oldest and the most devoted ones, who, above all, desire glory.
And some glory will it be!
Because this time our studio has cooked up a lot of new things, with which to troll everyone. Oh, did we say that out loud? No, we mean – to make the competition way more interesting and engaging. Some the key new features are:

• A new method of calculating the rankings. Now it will be really important how will you deal with the Barbarian Camps;
• Red vs. Blue System. All participants will be placed in two global teams and prizes will be given out to the team, who has more wins after each nomad wave;
• New individual rewards to fight for: Plunderer, Strategist, Defender, Economist, Technocrat, Builder;
• Nearly impossible for anyone to lose the first nomad wave. All right, this one is a joke, because we know none of you will fail the first wave… right?

So, what more could you ask from a tournament?
Of the answer is “nothing”, then you only have one more thing to do – register for Era XII of Nomads Invasion now!
You have time until April 5th and then the show will begin!
Good luck everyone and if you want to see the complete tournament rules, you can do it here.

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