Nomads Invasions 10 is On!

The 10-th Anniversary IO Classic to hit the defenders next week!

Nomads invasionOnce again the Nomad Horde shall wage its war in the lands of Imperia!

All Sovereigns are called to arms to face the new threat in the 10th Anniversary Edition of the classical IO Tournament! Registrations will be opened later today and the contest will commence on December 1st, at 3 PM Server Time (GMT +2). 26 waves of nomad armies, each arriving 18 hours a part, will put the defenders’ bravery to a test.

Great rewards await those, who distinguish themselves during the onslaught:

  • Players at the top 3 places will receive the big rewards of the tournament – medals and diamonds.
  • Individual achievements in 3 categories:
    • Undefeated – players who haven’t lost any of their lives
    • Bloodiest warrior – the player with biggest number of medals from battles of the day
    • Ultimate warrior – the player with biggest amount of military points
  • Players at the top 50 places will receive e-pins for 500 diamonds each.

The time has come for a classic game of defense!


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