Nomads Invasion XII Will be a Game Changer

A lot of new mechanics to be implemented in the classic Imperia Online tournament.


We have just witnessed the end of the super successful Winter Games tournament, when we found out that the Nomad Horde will once again invade our Realm. Which is quite cool, because what better way to meet the coming spring than having a go at the new, 12th edition of our game’s oldest and most respected defense tournament – Nomads Invasion.

Our players will have very little time to switch from intense high level of teamplay to the “alone against the System” type of playstyle. And yet the expectations are high, becuase there in no single soul in our playrbase, who doesn’t like the hardcore survival ruleset of the Nomads. Especially when you have to face an enemy army, which not only grows strong with each consecutive attack, but its composition is created by the game designers. This is what all the participants are waiting for. This is why they play this tournament – they want to test their skills against the skills of the game creators. What better way to prove you are the best than… besting those, who created your game?

There are already plans set in motion in our Dev Team, which will indtroduce quite interesting changes in the tournament mechanics and the complete rules will be published pretty soon. The only thing we can say for certain at this point is that there will be a lot more individual achievements for the participants to fight for.

And the only thing left for the participants is to wait and prepare mentally for the onslaught, which the Nomad Horde will offer them.

War is coming, Defenders of Imperia.
And this time it will change everything!

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