NOMADS XI Starts Today

Will the previous winners repeat their success or will there be surprises?


More than 4000 players will put their skills to the test in the upcoming IO defense tournament, which starts today, at 15:00 Server Time. As usual, there will be changes in the rules, most of which are inspired by the extremely successful Blitz Masters ruleset:

  • Reduced Barracks’ training capacity;
  • 3 times more army groups per Military Doctrine level;
  • Armies training times reduced x3;
  • Army upkeep based on current development;
  • Income bonus, based on the player’s current ranking;

Two questions come to mind, as we wait for the classic tournament’s launch – How will the players deal with the new ruleset? And will the previous tournament winners repeat their success in the new one? We will find answers to these questions following 30 waves of nomad attacks, each of them 20 hours long. One thing is known for sure: it will not be easy. The Nomad Horde gets stronger with each tournament passing. Furthermore, considering the massive income bonuses the players will receive this time, as they drop at lower ranking positions, another thing is even more certain: the enemy will be way more merciless.

Defend yourself well, warriors! Good luck!

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