Online Artillery Now Conquering Facebook

Online Artillery
Prepare your cannons and straighten your aim – Online Artillery is now available on Facebook as well!

Everyone can take part in the exciting multiplayer experience the game has been providing for months on iOS devices.


Online Artillery is a turn-based cannon shooter – a remake of the classic 8-Bit Artillery game. Imperia Online’s take on it, however, brings the genre to a whole new level. In Facebook’s version the player can send and receive ammo to and from their friends and can compare results with them.

Online Artillery 2 has been on the App Store for several months now.The achievements and the abundancy of the boosts, known as ‘Tactics’, are just a small part of Online Artillery’s appeal. Once you get hooked on destroying the enemy castles, you feel compelled to continue with your conquest and gain as much victories as possible.

The art, sounds and music are enchanting and can take you out of the busy daily life and introduce you to whole new world of fun!

Try your aim in Online Artillery now!

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