Pawns, action, classic!

LUDO Blitz brings the classic board game to life in Windows Store!

Ludo Blitz

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t played “LUDO” with his family and friends.

Good news is the cult classic can now be played via Windows Store, with the partnership of Game Troopers! It gets better – this is not game we all know – it is a much better, high-resolution 3D variation. In it you are not only moving pawns across the board – you can perform various, super fun actions with them, which are animated in the coolest way possible.

Players can also choose between six special boosters, as well as explore new boards, filled with special fields, which will enhance the chaos. Because is there anything better than watching your pawn bringing out a giant hammer from its pocket, to smash the enemy into oblivion?

Your loyal pawn army awaits your orders! It’s payback time!

Download LUDO Blitz from Windows Store now!

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