Players’ Achievements Now Visible

All the rewards the players have ever won, will now show up


Good news continue to arrive from Imperia Online HQ!

Pretty soon the players will have a new tab in their profiles, called “Medals”. It will show all the achievements you won so far and will be visible to everyone else. You won an era of a realm with your allies – it will show up there. You received a medal in an elite tournament – yes, we see it. You have participated in one of our events – there’s your badge of recognition! The Imperial Archives are officially opened! All the Sovereigns are now eligible for some long-waited and well-deserved bragging rights!

One comment on “Players’ Achievements Now Visible
  1. i was playing in the yahoo imperia online game and the realm is coming to an end i had moved over to the new realm v6-305 now i cant get back to that game

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