Poland Now Rules Imperia Online

Poland not only dethroned Croatia – they did it like a boss!

Poland Now Rules Imperia Online

When you have the whole 36 castles in the World Cup 2016 Final Phase conquered by one nation, you realize there is a new Alpha in Imperia Online. This Alpha’s name is Poland.

The 2015 bronze medalists stepped into the Grand Finale with one thought in their heads – to defeat the defending World Champion – Croatia. Many were those, who thought Poland could not pull this through. Mainly because of the foreign players, who would complement the 30-members national team. Many were those, who thought Poland would not have enough time to glue the team members together, to create a homogenous team. Many were those, who thought Poland will dissolve in the first days of the Finals, due to internal power struggles. Where are those many people now? Poland silenced them with supreme tactical skills and exemplary team discipline throughout the entire championship.

They simply had an answer for every Croatian move.

And that’s what gets you the title.

We cannot dismiss another Romanian very solid tournament. The silver medalists continue to impress everyone with their constant and very, very good teamplay. Romania was the only team, who was clever enough to take advantage of the Poland-Croatia Clash and hold castles during the most intensive war periods between the two titans.

The World Cup 2016’s Top 10 this year is quite different.

And while this may be very sad for countries like Italy, Turkey and Spain, which we got used to see in the Elite Company, now new TopDogs emerge on the scene – a change that is always welcomed. Despite Brazil’s absence in Top 10, South America once again is proudly represented by Peru, Colombia and Argentina, which all managed to gain castle influence in this year’s extremely hard and nearly impossible conditions on the Finals, created by the Polish Juggernaut.

And what about Greece’s amazing last-minute maneuver, which ashamed at least 7 countries, vastly more developed than them? A maneuver, which skyrocketed the Greeks from 19th to 10th position and to – immortality? This is how you play, when you have a goal and you give 100% to achieve it.

It was yet another great World Cup. If not the greatest so far.

Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants, who made their countries proud!

Strength and honor, brave warriors!

You are now all immortal!

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