REPAPASITO – The New King of Nomads Invasions

Imperia Online defense tournament’s fatal edition was quite different – in a good way.

It was a different tournament, yes.

We didn’t have “the usual suspects” taking the early lead and never letting it go during the entire competition.

We didn’t have massively built accounts, who wipe out all the opposition thrown at them.

We didn’t have a clear winner 10 or 15 waves before the tournament’s end.

What we had?

We had a completely new set of names in the final Top 10.

5 of these names were with Russian flag.

The winner REPAPASITO managed to kill more than 1,8 billion nomad soldiers and he was just 1 wave from being Undefeated as well, which is an amazing accomplishment, considering that statistically only in two of tournaments the winner succeeded in being Undefeated.

REPAPASITO also earned the Defender individual reward, by setting an all-time record for most killed enemy troops in the Nomads’ history.

We had 2 Undefeated players, who earned the prestigious award by playing in two completely different styles: pino82 managed to build massive economic and remained invincible, finishing in Top 10, while Igor-… preferred to stay in low networth points and play the “eco” game.

We had so diverse gameplay styles, that, at some point, we started wondering if we have really created a good game. (joke)

So, Nomads XIII was not fatal at all.

It was the most unpredictable and epic tournament we had so far.

Thank you, fellas, for making us cheering and rooting for you during the whole thing.

You made this competition great… again!


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