Romania is the new (old) World Champion of Imperia Online

The Balkan Superpower asserts its dominance over all living things in the game.

Romania became a World Champion of Imperia Online for a second time since the tournament existed and that’s somehow the least surprising thing in the Universe.

We were all waiting for this to happen, because it was clear the Balkan team is well prepared for pretty much everything way before the tournament’s start.

The fact that they will play in an exclusive edition of the World Cup didn’t scare the Romanians. Once again they assembled a capable enough team composition, strong enough to take the 1st place with ease.

And that is the only fact, which was predictable in the World Cup: World Under Siege.

Then the fun started.

Because there is an even bigger winner than Romania in this World Cup and his name is Egypt.

No one expected the “Pharaons” to end up with the silver medals. The Egyptians themselves probably didn’t expect to achieve this. But somehow they did. In the very last week of the Finals Egypt launched an unbelievable offensive and snatched the second place in the tournament, shocking everyone.

You would say the most shocked team would be Russia. And you will not be wrong to a degree. Russians were probably surprised by Egypt and they probably consider the 3rd place as a let down. But they really shouldn’t. Because after years of waiting the Russians finally won a medal. It’s probably not the kind they expected, but it’s a medal. And Russia is now an official World Cup medalist. And that’s not a small feat.

Which brings us to the rest of the teams occupying the final Top 10.

The mere presence of teams like Czech Republic (4th place), Bangladesh (6th place) and Germany (7th place) speaks volumes about how amazing and unpredictable this tournament was. It also speaks volumes about these new teams’ motivation and determination to fight. Well done to those teams!

Well done to Peru, Bulgaria, Turkey and Greece for their final results as well, because it was not easy to survive in this competition, let alone – finish in the Top 10. Just ask Italy, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, USA…

All in all Imperia Online’s exclusive edition of the World Cup was one of the most interesting and unpredictable competitions in the history of Imperia Online, if not – the top one.

And we are glad that we were part of it.

Well done and respect to all the teams for participation and for giving their absolute best to defend their nations’ honor.

You are all immortal now!

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