Royal Clash in Imperia Online Winter Games

Looks like there will be a major fight for 1st place in 2020’s first tournament.

We have been waiting for this for quite some time now.

It’s more than 2 years since the DeathSquad alliance asserted their domination in Imperia Online Games tournaments – both Summer and Winter.

They became some kind of trademark and example of how to win a competition and not only win it, but win it with a landslide.

We all remember how the last tournament ended – 13 out of 13 gold medals for DeathSquad. Amazing achievement indeed. Worthy of Titans.


We know one thing for sure now, 6 disciplines into Winter Games – DeathSquad will not make 13 out of 13 gold medals.

We know another thing also – the mighty alliance is currently second in the Total Ranking.

Because there is a new player in the tournament – ROYAL_SQUAD.

Rumor has it this team was specifically created for one reason – to smash DeathSquad. Talking about meta gaming…

It doesn’t matter how ROYAL_SQUAD was created.

It doesn’t matter why ROYAL_SQUAD was created.

It doesn’t even matter by whom ROYAL_SQUAD was created.

The only thing that matters is that we have a TOTAL WAR for 1st place.

Both alliances are neck and neck for the gold and the spectators are happy.

We, here, in the Imperia Online HQ are happy too.

What will happen – nobody knows!

And that’s a good thing.

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