ROYAL_SQUAD Alliance wins Winter Games 2020

The King is dead. Long live the King!

It is said: “May you never get to live in interesting times!”

Because it is pretty much always a curse. Mostly.

So, Winter Games have definitely gone through very… very interesting times.

Because for the first time in 2 years DeathSquad did not win it.

Another powerhouse was formed with the specific purpose to challenge the Games’ dominant alliance.

Its name is ROYAL_SQUAD.

And they did it. They managed to dethrone the mighty team, who denied everything and anyone the place on the top for so long.

Well done, DEATH_SQUAD!

Well done to RoyalSquad as well, for putting up a good fight and for giving DEATH_SQUAD a serious run for their money.

Well done to all the other alliances, who managed to win medals in this brutal carnage – Old_Friends,  Royala, Force_Awakens, __MERCENARIOS__, APEC, Red_Tablet and _Damneds_

You all deserve our respect and applause!

And you are all immortal now!

It was an honor to watch you play!

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