‘Seasons of War’ Now Available On Google Play

Seasons of War

Imperia Online’s latest title – Seasons of War – is now available on Google Play. The turn-based strategy allows the player to become the Governor of a distant Imperial city and grow their holding through wise rule.

SoWThe Android game takes the turn-based strategy genre to a whole new level with a vast variety of features: Economical development (including agriculture, education, healthcare, and trade); PvP battles; Fights against savage Barbarians and conquering of their castles; Civil and combat efficiency improvement through inventions, and much, much more!

Seasons of War presents a challenge to every player since it requires careful planning: months and seasons have a significant effect on agriculture, trade, migration, healthcare, etc.

Engrave your name in the Leaderboards and dive in the glory of your Achievements while enjoying the enchanting sounds and captivating art of Seasons of War.

Your holding is counting on your leadership! What are you waiting for?

2 comments on “‘Seasons of War’ Now Available On Google Play
  1. Could we expect to see this available for PC? i believe there would be many benefits for the consumer an business if the game was advertised for our home computers and laptops; comfort / ease of play and socialize additional graphics. this could also be compelling to save data usage and resources. these are some of the reasons id like to see this game go PC.
    Thank you!

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