Siege World War II has an Alliance Base now!

It’s time for a team play on a whole new level.

We love Siege: World War II. And we love making new things for it. Today we will tell you about the new feature we implemented this week.

When you are playing an online game, you want to play it with your friends. And when you play it with your friends, you want to be part of something, to achieve common goals. So what better way to do that than having a place where you can contribute to your team?

That’s where the Alliance Base comes! The newest gameplay module we offer to our players will make their teams both stronger and specialized/diverse.

The Alliance Base is a feature, which presents the player alliances with different buildings, which they can upgrade with resources. Those buildings are:

  • Control Tower – grants bonuses to all the tactics the Alliance members use;
  • Support Center – increases the amount of cards the Alliance members receive from opening War Boxes;
  • Infantry Division – grants bonuses to the infantry unit cards Alliance members use;
  • Munition Building – makes Alliance members’ tanks more powerful;

All the members of each Alliance can contribute with resources for each upgrade and then, when activated, this upgrade will benefit everyone. We believe that the Alliance base will further make the team more specialized, which is an entire new level of meta play, because Alliance members and leaders will have options about which route to take, when they want to develop their organizations. 

You like tanks more than infantry? Invest in the Munition Building!

You want your infantry to smash all opposition? Put your resources into the Infantry Division!

The choice is yours!

That’s our core philosophy, when we make games – to put the control and the instruments of the gameplay into our players’ hands.

So, if you don’t have an alliance yet – what are you waiting for?!?

Teamplay – bestplay, soldier!

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