Sir_Xari wins Nomads Invasion XII

No undefeted players for the first time in the tournament’s history.


This was, without a doubt, the most brutal, unforgivining, merciless and hardcore Nomads Invasion tournament in the entire history of this amazing and cult-classic competition.

That’s why winning it brings you much, much honor. For the first time since we host it, not one player was able to successfully defend his Empire throughout the whole thing.

So, the person, who should bring this large amount of honor, prestige and respect home is called Sir_Xari. This is his second Nomads crown, after the 10th edition, in which he fought and defeated the emerging IO monster Johnzilla. Now he managed to survive the Nomad’Horde’s onlslaught and he was the one to figure out how to balance his gameplay in the new ruleset, which presented a whole new level of challenge to the players. Sir_Xari has another reason to be proud for winning this competition – he had fierce competition – more than 1600 players were active during the Nomads XII’ last 24 hours and these 1600+ players actually fought the Horde, because they won 898 defensive victories. So, this tournament is the most active and interesting one in the history.

But Sir_Xari is not the only big winner this time, because he had to deal with another rising star ivicakum. Not only was ivicakum breathing in the champion’s neck the whole time and he got the silver medal – he also grabbed five of the special rewards: Bloodiest Warrior, Ultimate Warrior, Technocrat, Economist and Builder.

And, if you think that’s all, you think wrong. Because probably the most interesting and prestigious special reward in this tournament – the Strategist  – was won by a name we haven’t seen before – crysisYURII.The bronze medal went to ragadabum, who, on the other hand, was in constant threat for his third place by mega_alien.

So, what can we say about Nomads XII and close the case?
It was the best so far. Period.
Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants in this amazing and cult-classic competition!
You are now all immortal!

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