Sir_Xari won Imperia Online’s Nomads:All-Stars like a boss

The Champ once again proved that he knows his game, getting the title and being the single undefeated player in the tournament.

Whatever we say about Sir-Xari’s performance in Nomads: All-Stars will not be enough.

Most net worth points in the tournament.

Most Military points in the tournament.

Not a single battle lost.

Not a single chance given to his opponents.

Pure perfection all the way from Wave 1 to Wave 50.

Did he deserve to win it? That’s a rhetorical question.

But this time Sir_Xari won it, because he had amazing opponents, who were constantly breathing down his neck.

Just look at what ivicakum, Professor99 and REPAPASITO did.

Ivicakum – 1 lost life.

Professor99 – 1 lost life.

REPAPASITO – only 2 lives lost.

These guys played the tournament of their lives, above and beyond what they are capable of, considering how hard the competition was. And it still was not enough to beat Sir_Xari. Who proved that Nomads is his own turf. His own kitchen. And nobody can beat him in his own kitchen. Pardon the weak comparison.

So, finals numbers:

Sir_Xari: 3000 EUROS

ivicakum: 1500 EUROS

Professor99: 500 EUROS

The rest of us: Epic memories, watching these grandmasters outplaying each other for an entire month.

Thank you, noble warriors.

It was truly amazing.

Full tournament info can be found here.

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