Stillfront’s new 13 MUSD аsset аcquisition will be operated by game studio Imperia Online JSC

We are proud to administer yet another great game

We’re beyond excited to showcase our knowledge and expertise by taking over Stillfront’s newest game asset acquisition – Crush Them All, a mobile idle RPG by Godzilab Inc. You can read the full press release here:

“Crush Them All”, which was released globally in May 2017, successfully combines hero RPG meta game elements with idle core gameplay and has been downloaded almost 7 million times to date. In May 2021, the game had approx. 55k daily active users (DAU) and approx. 250k monthly active users (MAU), and the game totaled more than 2 million downloads across mobile devices during 2020. The game had total bookings of approx. 13 MUSD for the last twelve months ending April 2021.

Stillfront Group AB (publ) has entered into an agreement to acquire the game “Crush Them All”, a popular mobile idle role-playing game developed by Godzilab Inc. The acquisition was signed and closed on June 7, 2021, and is structured as an all-cash acquisition of all shares in Godzilab Inc, whose assets and liabilities solely relate to the game “Crush Them All”.

Following the acquisition, “Crush Them All”, will be operated by Stillfront’s studio Imperia Online, which will be able to leverage its existing available live ops development and user acquisition capabilities and grant the game additional resources. Imperia Online has successful experience from previously overtaking, operating and growing existing game assets from other studios within the Stillfront Group.

“Asset acquisitions is a valuable component in Stillfront’s M&A strategy and enables us to leverage our large experience and knowledge within live ops and user acquisition. “Crush Them All” is a highly successful title, and we are confident that we will be able to make the game even more enjoyable as we are able to spend more time and resources on developing the game going forward,” says Jörgen Larsson, CEO, Stillfront Group.

For additional information, please contact:

Jörgen Larsson, CEO, Stillfront Group

And what is left for us Imperia Online, to say about that? Well, what more can be added is that we are both proud and humbled by the amazing opportunity to make yet another game way better than it already is!

So, wish us luck and let’s get to work!

52 comments on “Stillfront’s new 13 MUSD аsset аcquisition will be operated by game studio Imperia Online JSC
  1. Dear Imperia Online Blog,

    I am both excited and nervous about this acquisition. If you could provide the community with an update on the transition timeline and what to expect for the game over the next few months that would be greatly appreciated.

    Avid CTA Player

  2. Dear Imperia Online Blog Team,
    First of all: congrats on the Godzi acquisition!
    We are wishing you a smooth transition period and are looking forward for the updates to come! There’s a very large Discord community that would love to get in touch with you guys!

    Looking forward to that 🙂

    Cu guys soon!

    Best wishes,

  3. Thats greats news! Congrats!

    Cant wait to meet you guys in the official discord

    A fellow addicted cta player

  4. Dear Imperia Blog,

    I‘m also a fellow Player from the Game and enjoying it to the fullest! I‘m looking forward for the Future and can‘t wait to meet you guys. Wish you the best! Hopfully we are hearing from you soon!

    Best Regards

  5. Dear Sir/madam,

    Im gonna bring ya up to speeds, so listen up. This game still gonna be cool with some small adjustments:
    -blitz: reworks the level scaling, healer heroes beyond broken. Also more team diversity.
    -gw: rework the 2x option a bit. Otherwise leave it alone.
    -arena: godzi promised removal of candy and an extra league. They probably fail, so please do it properly.

    Thnx. Love you.


  6. Dear Imperia team,

    Congratulations with your acquisition. You acquire apart from the game a peculiar player base. Please hop on Discord and have a look at yhe ideas and suggestions channel where players share ideas on how they think the game can be improved.

    There is a very active player base there and I am sure many will be happy to chat and explain peculiar features of the game.

    Also, pls vip10. Contact me for playerid 🙂

    Shoutout to the Crimson Raiders!
    [tCR] Squiddy

  7. Dear Team,

    Looking forward to the takeover and what new ideas you will bring for the f2p player base.

    There are plenty of things that you can actively work on from the suggestions in discord channel.

    Looking forward to more out new game content that we’ve never seen before!

    Cheers 🙂

  8. Grats on the acquisition.

    Our top 15 guild is holding off all purchases until you guys hop on discord and introduce yourselves.

    We, among several other guilds (which I imagine account for the majority of the revenue) need to get an idea of your plans. CTA and it’s community can’t really be compared to other games in your portfolio. “Making games better” doesn’t sound quite right. Are you going to be involved in the community?

    Please listen to the CTA community before you start doing stuff and scaring away people.

    Best of luck.

  9. Dear new dickhead overlords,

    Don’t be snowflakes and get butthurt over dumbshit. We are a majority of adults. We like to have fun. Bring weed. If u have a in person meeting with moleki don’t leave your drink unguarded.

    Best wishes.
    A Fucking Degenerate

  10. Dear Imperia Online,

    This game is very dear to its community, and means a lot to us daily players. Many have been playing it for years, and some are used to “whaling” on it.
    But that’s only because it’s a very balanced game regarding p2w/activity growth base.

    Please treat it with care.

    Don’t forget the community is used to being close to the previous staff, with direct communication through the official Discord server.

    I hope and believe you’ll know how to keep the game balanced and make the community even bigger.

    Feel free to contact,

    Go, FMT! \o/

    • Greetings ManO! Thank you for the message! We will do our very best to be of help to the CTA community and we look forward to speaking to you in Discord!

  11. Dear Sir/Madam,

    This will be interesting,

    Looking forward to see where the game goes from here.

    Good luck y’all! 🙂

  12. Dear Imperia Online Blog Team,

    first of all please take all the best wishes for the acquisition of Crush Them All / Godzi Lab in the recent days. It makes me happy to see that a new company has taken over and is able and willing to improve things and lead the game to a bright future.

    For many of us players it’s more than just a game. It’s far more.

    Stay healthy.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Chris! Thank you for the kind words, we look forward to making this experience better for you guys!

  13. Hello there, I would like to start by congratulating you on acquiring Crush Them All. I’ve been a long time and avid player. I create a lot of content for Crush Them All and I was wondering what your plans are for interactions with content creators. I’d appreciate any and all insight regarding this. I am looking forward to making more content based on the changes and additions made by the team. I’d be very open to contact as well for additional communications and questions.

  14. Considering you are a ‘Free to Play’ company and the first thing you do is offer 3x flooz for anyone that throws cash at you, I’m very disappointed.
    I was hoping for better things.

  15. “We’re F2P Friendly… oh here’s an event for you guys… it’s TRIPLE flooz for P2W players… oh and they can buy unlimited of these packs…. oh we’ll make it even better, the Bonus Packs will have mostly x3 Speeds and Potions for any f2p guild mates”

    Not the best start to the acquisition, you’ve instantly alienated many old Whales and many F2P players who now will have a much more uphill struggle to reach teh same place as P2W players.

  16. Took Imperia Online less than 1 month from аcquisition to destroying the game and playerbase.

    Congrats on the Speedrun WR for killing a great game!

  17. Honestly you are ruining this game for the whole CTA community. A lot of promotions have been offered and no one is listening to our feedback. Going from x3 to x4 the next day makes a lot of us feel ripped off and unfairly treated.

    Last night there was an issue with the servers right before guild wars next stage was due and no one was online nor did the devs pass on any message or acknowledgement. This has meant people could not place their teams.

    I lost chests due to the server crashing yesterday and I have received no response.

    Someone needs to be in the discord who has a say and listen to the community. Threats of banning isn’t going to stop people claiming for refunds as frankly people do not care anymore.

    We do not want constant offers of flooz, especially the skin packs. Do them once every month. The x4 flooz event went down poorly, if you want to run something like this then over the holidays is a perfect time.

    I’ve been playing this game for over two years. By now I was hoping for some bug fixes or an idea of content but in response we have just gotten silence.

    A lot of us old timers are planning on moving away from CTA or just going purely F2P as we see no future in this game.

    Please listen to the community and read the discord. You will get an idea of what you are destroying.

    • I just want to further add on. There was a threat of banning people who requested refunds.

      There needs to be an in game mail as not everyone is on discord. There needs to be a better communication between CTA players and Imperia.

      Trust needs to be built up. It took time for us to trust Godzilab and we did in the end and having them actively talk with the community made us feel like we had a say in the game we play every single day and spend money on.

      There is a lot you can improve with the game and offers for flooz is a massive turn off to the community. We understand you need to make money but you also need to build some trust with us.

      Lay off on the offers, look at the requested features and implement some of them. Show us you are listening.

      Build up trust with the community, then the community will be willing to invest their money.

  18. Hello,

    I must say that I feel quite dejected by how the Discord community doesn’t seem to get any communication on updates or whether ideas and suggestions will even be considered. We have been kept in the dark and all we see are consecutive promotions…

    Will the management team eventually get Discord soon so we can have our voices heard and listened to or not?

    We want more balance for free-to-play players!

  19. Reposting my comments from the CTA ideas & suggestion channel. Plz dont tank this game. You can do better than this.

    To the powers that be at Imperia Online/Stillfront

    End This Madness

    We the players of CTA call upon you to fix this MASSIVE mistake. You guys really messed up. (Not positive feedback.)

    Many of us have been playing 2yrs+. How dare you try to kill off the old players with this flooz inflation nonsense. This community of longtime players is what made this game so great & valuable enuff for you to acquire in the first place. You’re insane if you think you can create a whole new playerbase of Whales, Dolphins & F2P grinders. Way to go making years worth of progress & monetary support feel worthless. It’s sad to see longtime players leaving in droves because they feel this way.

    It’s disgusting to see you create an inflated flooz economy that actively preys upon everyone, ESPECIALLY New & F2P players. Pay to keep up or get left behind. It’ll just create faster burnout & turnover.

    The biggest slap in the face is imo is how this debacle has affected F2P players. You boldfaced LIED to them when you said you’d keep the game F2P friendly. Some of them have spent literal YEARS grinding this game to get where they are currently.

    You must balance the flooz economy of the game for it to survive. There has to be some sort of standard. Right now there seems to be none.

    To fix this mess I offer 2 suggestions.

    1)Gift players who purchased x3 flooz packs refunds OR retroactively reward them the difference in flooz they would’ve gained from the same x4 flooz pack.

    2)You’ve gotta give F2P a LARGE amount of flooz to make up for the massive divide that was created by you making these promos. You’ve gotta invest HEAVILY in ALL F2P aspects of this game going forward. F2P are the backbone of this game. This was one of the rare well balanced F2P vs P2W game. Not anymore sadly.

    After u balance the flooz economy, NO MORE x2/HIGHER PROMOS FOR A LONG TIME! Pick 1 holiday a year to do silly promos. You’ve shown you can’t help yourselves. Quit being so GREEDY! The community will support u will all the funds needed if you treat us fairly & don’t milk the game like you’re currently doing.

    You’ve destroyed what little faith this community had in you since the acquisition. Give us what we want. Actual UPDATES & QOL IMPROVEMENTS! Put that $ to good use.

    This WAS 1 of the best phone games out there. Sad to see you treat it like simple cashgrab.

  20. As so many people have asked, we ask you to change your business methods, listen and respect the community!
    There are lots of great ideas and better ways to make money, like the popular skin packs.
    Read us and react like smart adults please.

  21. There has been a lot of tension in the Crush Them All community that I do believe requires a bit of addressing. It goes without saying that the community is entitled, arrogant, and borders on insulting. With that being said, the way IO leadership has handled that has been lackluster at best.

    The community suffers from a small group of individuals that love to backseat develop, backseat lead, and think they know what is best for a business they feel they own simply due to spending X amount of dollars on it. It is as arrogant as spending 1,000 dollars at the bar and thinking you own a piece of the bar or being foolish enough to equate buying beer or spending on a mobile game is the same as a major purchase such as a car or television. A lot of the paying players claim they want access to the first time purchase bonus despite using theirs long ago, many of them said the promotions hurt the economy despite spending money on them, many of them say that this is killing the game unless they are given an additional amount of flooz for X, Y, or Z reason without considering how these promotions disenfranchise only the free player. These individuals are disingenuous and only looking out for self. If they were true to their word then they would stop spending 18 hours a day in discord and instead quit.

    With that being said, I don’t think the blow back has been handled well at all. I don’t think leadership took time to properly evaluate the community, took time to consider the in-game economy, took time to lay out the road map of where the game is going. The promotions aren’t an issue in and of themselves but not being transparent will cause more issues than necessary. It will take more than an announcement once every 24 hours. You will have your detractors but the best way to get rid of them is to own up to areas in need of improvement and be honest about what you will do going forward. Right now the discord has become an echo chamber of entitlement and incel rage. If you were to apologize, start over, pledge to do better I think you could salvage what is left of the situation. A lot of the individuals that have left thus far are utter cancers to the community and you have pruned some horrible individuals that would only impede progress.

    Some things you should consider, in a display of good will, would be to fix some of the things that Moleki never fixed:

    Arena – There are many complaints of arena on the discord as just as many suggestions on how to fix it. Work with the beta testers or the VIP players on the best possible way to fix this.

    Event Heroes – Individuals who have played for 2.5 – 4 years are capable of finishing these event heroes within 30-40 days for free due to finishing their entire pools where as newer players will never be able to utilize these heroes due to ever expanding pools. Figure out a more consistent way or focusing event heroes one at a time.

    Economy Balance – Prior to the acquisition, there was a thin line of balance between no spending players, dolphins and whales. There were free players that could beat some whales and there were some whales that were utterly unbeatable. I think that balance was a huge draw to the game. With constant promotions that balance is broken. I don’t believe that x3 and x4 promotions are bad but they shouldn’t be for unlimited buys and they should be once a season. I think increasing the flooz given for packs is a great idea but normal rewards should be looked at as well so that free players aren’t totally abandoned. Guild Quests, Daily Quests, Daily Log In Reward and Raids rewards should be looked at. Also, please only offer 1 skin pack once a week. There should be space between them

    Community Presence – There needs to be a better presence of IO staff in the community Discord or none at all. Currently the only presence there are ex staff from Godzi Lab and community Mods. Cowering in a corner will only cause the community to ignore or outright disrespect anything that is said if individuals only come around to post announcements like there have been for the past few days. Individuals are intentionally misinterpreting what has been posted and your community manager doesn’t have the spine to explain why individuals aren’t allowed to buy flooz, spend it then request a refund without returning the amount of flooz purchased.

    In complete honesty, both sides are being childish and arrogant and neither side wants to admit that they could’ve handled it better. You’re a business, act like one, take it on the chin, apologize and pledge to do better. Children will be children, ignore them and eventually they’ll get tired of it. While I don’t believe you should kowtow to the demands of the loud voices of the vocal minority, you need to decide how you’re going to handle this situation because, frankly, silence is not the answer. Get someone in the Discord to assist Drebenk or give up on the Discord and handle all communication in game but no communication isn’t the answer. PKIII is staying around, utilize him, consult with him, and talk out your plans going forward to come up with the best ways to get a positive response from the community. I would say not to consult the community with your plans, directly, because if you do it once then you’ll have to do it for the rest of time. Use PKIII as the liaison between the community and development. He typically has an unbiased view on how to handle situations and what is great for the community. I don’t disagree with a lot of what has been said but, please, I beg you, think about better ways to word things say that the parasitic pest of the discord can’t misconstrue your words and place the community in pandemonium for a week.


    A Paying Player waiting on more x4 promotions but not until Christmas

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