Summer Games II Ended With(out) An0mAly

The alliance, which dominates the last 3 Games, secures its title once again.


“When in doubt – win!”
That’s the motto, under which the An0mAly alliance played through the entire Summer Games II, breaking the record for most gold medals won in any Games tournament so far.

And the record was theirs, to begin with. The only question about their performance during the competition was exactly how much gold medals can they win. Well, they got 10. They could grab the last discipline one as well, but they decided to graciously concede it to somebody else and be not only the winner, but the gentleman as well.

DreamTeam once again secured not only its second position in the tournament, being An0mAly’s greatest rival, but it also solidified its place as the usual runner-up in these tournaments. That is, as long as An0mAly continues to compete in their current composition. It was a pleasure watching these both teams neck to neck in each discipline.

OLIMP-1 really tried to be on the same level as the first two teams, stealing gold and silver medals from the leading two, which put them on the 3rd place. A well-deserved ranking, we say.

The Bulgarians from JedyMaster_Ioda were probably the big surprise here, because they significantly improved their ranking, compared to the Spring Games and they ended up 4th.

Jugoslavija were the ones, who made us watch the competition until its very end, winning their single gold medal in the very last discipline, convincing everyone that Serbian players are still a force to be reckoned with.

MAYBE were the ones, who got the “Bronze Medal Achievement” with their 6 medals, which put them ahead of _EliteWarriors_ and Super_Ferme.
8 teams managed to win medals in Summer Games II. Considering the tough competition, this is good news. Yes, we had the Big Player An0mAly, indeed. But the rest of the teams fought fiercely for the places from 2nd to 8th.

How could the Summer Games II be not interesting then?
It’s a rhetorical question, of course.

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