The 30 teams to Fight for the Cup of the One Are a Fact!

The epic final of the World Cup 2015 Group Phase surprised everyone


This will be the World Cup of the “underdogs” – a statement, which unites all the experts, who witnessed the finals of the 2015 Imperia Online World Cup Group Phase. Established contestants like USA, Germany, France and the bronze medalist from the last tournament – Iran – have packed their baggage and went home.

They will be replaced by some “fresh blood”, coming from countries like Israel, Algeria and Canada. And, of course, let’s not forget the new rising star – Egypt, which battled with Colombia through the entire elimination phase for the first place in their Group.

Will the favorite countries – Croatia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Serbia, Romania and friends be threatened by the newcomers in the Finals? It remains to be seen!

The World Cup Final Phase starts on November 12, 3 PM Server Time. The national teams will have 3 weeks to decide who among them will be worthy to carve his name on the Cup of the One.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

The real tournament for them will begin tomorrow!

Check the full Group Phase statistics on:

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